Saturday, May 23, 2009



I've never been good with introductions

So I think it would be better if I skipped them completely. In fact, I tend to be a little bit on the shy side with most people (or "mysterious and aloof" if that's what you're into) until I've known them for about half a year, so I think I'll skip to that. Also, the year after that is mostly filled with fairly mundane small talk, plenty of "how about this weather?" and "can you believe the price of paint these days?". After that I usually get to be pretty good friends with someone for maybe six months or so before one of us transfers to a different school or finds a job that takes him or her to a different city, and both of us will probably fall out of touch right about then. Sure, we'll probably see each other maybe once a year or so, but we'll rarely hear from each other outside of that. We'd both have pretty busy schedules, I'd imagine, it's really sort of inevitable.

Seeing each other once a year would gradually fade into exchanging Christmas cards, and in a few years we'd practically be strangers, dormant names lining address books. Years later we'd meet by chance in a supermarket, and my friend would introduce me to his or her spouse and children. We'd both make attempts at reminiscing about the old days, making small talk to glaze over the fact that we probably now have little to nothing in common. I'd think about how I was pretty much the same person after all these years, while my friend had moved on with his or her life, while my friend would think about the days when he or she was young and relatively free of responsibility and we'd both silently wonder where the time went there in the bread aisle.

My name is Bryan Wong, I make pictures.